Content Vol. 43 No. 1 (2022)

  • Coordinador Editorial Revista Mexicana de Ingeniería Biomédica
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E-book edition of the volume 43, number 1, year 2022, of the Revista Mexicana de Ingeniería Biomédica.

In this issue:

  • Detection of COVID-19 Lung Lesions in Computed Tomography Images Using Deep Learning
  • Healing of Wounds Treated with Chitosan Hydrogels with Extracts from Aloe vera and Calendula officinalis
  • A Chitosan-based Hydrogel with PLCL, ZnO NPs, and Oligoelements: A Promising Antibiotic Scaffold for Tissue Engineering
  • Effect of the Unilateral Breast Cancer Surgery on the Shoulder Movement: Electromyographic and Motion Analysis
  • Biomechanics Assessment of Kinematic Parameters of Low-Sprint Start in High-Performance Athletes Using Three Dimensional Motion Capture System


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